24 March 2015

Why I'm Stopping Blogging

First couple of confessions to get out of the way;

1. The title of this post is not what it seems. I'm not stopping blogging forever, just for now (but read on to find out why).

2. And secondly, the person in the photo is not me and neither is it my photo, it's been taken off trusty Google. However his face does portray how I'm feeling right now.

So I've usually been the type of person who is very good at time management and always manages to juggle numerous tasks at the same time. Although recently I've had that 'oh god I'm in my final year and I only have two months left' sinking feeling in my stomach.
I absolutely love blogging; although I've only been doing it for about two weeks, I've definitely found a hobby that I can see myself sticking to and as a bonus, people seem to be enjoying reading what I have to say (for some reason) as those views keep adding up.
However I have two months to write a dissertation and to revise for and sit, four exams. I've worked really hard for the past couple years towards gaining this degree and it would be a shame if I felt as though I didn't give it my all towards the end.
That's why I'm putting blogging on the back burner for a while. Definitely not forever and it doesn't mean that I won't do the odd post but like I said, for the next couple months I need to keep my priorities in order!

I didn't realise how much time blogging would take up, It takes an entire day (more or less) to take photos, edit them and write a post; I completely give praise to those bloggers out there who manage to write a post every day as well as own YouTube channels, beauty lines etc. They must work their butts off!
In a couple months time when I finish my degree (fingers crossed) this is the type of dedication I aim to have and I can truly give it my all!

Thank you for reading and understanding!
Nathalie Jane 

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