21 March 2015

Review | Maybelline Lash Sensational

My normal mascara of choice and one that I have purchased time and time again is the Maybelline Mega Plush mascara. But we all like to mix things up every now and again so when I ran out of my trusty mascara I headed to Boots and trolled the make-up isles. When I stumbled upon the Maybelline Lash Sensational, it fulfilled my wish to try a new mascara as well as helping with my fear of change; How different can two Maybelline mascaras really be hey?
I've been using this mascara to make my beedy eyes look more presentable on and off for about a month now and therefore thought I would share my review with you guys.

At around £7.99 this mascara is pretty reasonable. Of course there are cheaper ones out there but there are also ones you would have to remortgage your house to afford!

This product claims to be a 'Lash Multiplying Mascara' with a 'Lash Multiplying Brush' so 'Lashes Look Visibly Multiplied And Fuller'- That's a lot of 'Multiplies' on one mascara tube.

I will admit, as superficial as it sounds, I was excited to add this to my make-up collection based on the packaging alone; it's a pretty pale pink metallic colour which is right up my street. The shape is pretty standard and similar to a lot of the other Maybelline mascaras; It's pretty chunky and I have seen a few reviews with people complaining about this but It doesn't personally bother me.

Those 'Visibly Multiplied and Fuller' lashes are promised courtesy of a fan applicator. It's curved with thinner bristles on the inside of the curve which are claimed to capture the smallest lashes 'we didn't know we had' (Seriously?) while the longer outer bristles are there to define and volumise the rest of those lashes.
Cutting to the point, I didn't like this. It was pretty difficult to get the hang of with all the different sides and curves. Even when I figured it out, with the rush to work or school, who has time to be navigating your way around a mascara brush in the morning? It has it's benefits in that it picks up a lot of product but for me this was too much. I find the firm plastic applicators kind of clump the mascara on rather than spread it around to coat all the lashes. Also it got EVERYWHERE and made my mascara game look very sloppy. However, maybe the issue just lies with me not getting on with plastic applicators rather than the mascara itself?

Once again, this is down to personal preference but I found the formula a little too runny which added to the 'clumpiness' of my lashes when applied. However if you love really dark thick lashes, this may be for you. Personally, I prefer the slightly more wispy and fluttery lash look.

Pay off:
My lashes definitely do look fuller and very dark; not ideal for a natural day-to-day look but might look better with a smokey eye at night time!

Oh this is a nightmare. I praise Maybelline for the staying power of this mascara, even when it's not waterproof, but my gosh it's difficult to get off. I usually use a make-up wipe (bad Nathalie) or some micellar water to remove eye make-up but this doesn't get all of it off. I would recommend using an oil based makeup remover to clean your eyes with this baby.

Overall I think this mascara is a bit of a Marmite situation and I would definitely say it's down to personal preference! If you love the really thick clumpy lash look, you've found the one! If you prefer a more natural 'butterfly' lash look probably opt for a different mascara.
I would say however, that I don't think the mascara lives up to all it's claims- my lashes didn't look 'multiplied' like it emphasizes a lot of times on it's packaging! I think I will be going back to my trusty Mega Plush from now on.

This is based on the fact that although this mascara is not for me, I do appreciate that it's not a terrible mascara, it just depends what look you want to achieve!

Nathalie Jane

Review - Maybelline Lash Sensational

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