19 March 2015

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Things All Girls Did Growing Up In The 00's
In true throwback Thursday style, I thought I would share a throwback to that time we met Dianna Vickers (who?) in Puerto Banus circa 2009. (my friends are going to hate me for this, sorry!)

Scrolling through this album and seeing some of the awesome outfits we rocked, gave me the idea to do a post on a few things we all, as girls, did growing up in the 00's! Enjoy;

1. You knew all the words to the song in the Lizzie Mcguire movie

2. You collected Gel Pens
The more Gel Pens the better...and if you had the scented ones, you were the big 'I am'.

3. You wore Kanye West sunglasses
Made popular by the Kanye 'Stronger' video, these things were all the rage. Don't tell me you didn't own a pair, or seven!

4. You shopped at Tammy Girl
You'd pop in to Tammy whilst your mum was downstairs in Etam and needless to say you were distraught when they shut down!

3. You idolized Mary-Kate and Ashley

4. You backed Gareth Gates in the Pop Idol battle
That ever so tense battle between Gareth Gates and Will Young, that you probably cried at when he lost.

5. You secretly wanted to be in a dance crew

6. Until you watched Thirteen
Then you just wanted to get your tongue pierced and be best friends with these two!

7. And finally, you made up the best email address and MSN name, or so you thought...
And if you're like me, you've been to lazy too create a new one- it's always awkward when the woman at the MAC counter asks for your email address and you quote Demi Lovato lyrics to her...

Nathalie Jane 

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