13 March 2015

Fashion and Lifestyle | My Day In Pictures

This afternoon I went shopping to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and thought I would share a few pictures of my day, from products I bought to things I wish I had!

What I wore
My playsuit is from Urban Outfitters, leather jacket from Topshop, shoes from Topshop and watch from Marc Jacobs 

What I bought
I'd been on the search for a powder foundation for a while and although I'd not heard fantastic things about Bare Minerals, when the woman at the counter tried this on me, I instantly fell in love; looking forward to trying this for myself tomorrow. I also needed a new face cleanser, and as I'm addicted to to skincare products, I hardly ever repeat buy (unless they're AMAZING, but that's another blog post). I had already used the Benefit make-up remover and loved that so I thought I would give this a whirl. I will be doing reviews of these products when I've used them for a little while! And of course there was a cupcake involved (and a McDonald's but lets not talk about that). 

Products I wish I'd bought 
The top of these pictures is not necessarily something I wish I'd bought because I don't think my student loan would appreciate that but It's something I definitely want and will be going back to purchase if I win tonight's Euromillions. The second of these is a fab pair of trainers from Nike which would go lovely with my gym kit that I never wear. Needless, I feel as though I need them in my life!
If you click the images above it will take you to the products so you can have a little look for yourselves. 

Hope you've enjoyed the post! What products have you bought recently or are on your wishlist? 

Fashion and Lifestyle- My Day in Pictures


  1. Great outfit - we are going to the trafford centre today x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Thanks for the comment! I've only just got round to replying to it sorry, hope you had a good day! I love the Trafford Centre :) x