18 March 2015

Beauty | Beauty Hacks Tested

You may be wondering why a piece of my cutlery is featuring at the top of this post, and the answer is simple; to apply eyeliner of course! Lost? So was I when I first heard of this trick! Unless you're some beauty, YouTube, make-up artist, guru, chances are you have difficulty perfecting that winged eye look just like the rest of us. Therefore when I stumbled upon this hack that claims to help you apply liquid eyeliner with ease, I had to give it a go. 

And thus, a new regular feature on my blog was born. I'm going to be taking those little tricks that the beauty experts out there claim will change our lives and add in one regular girl with no make-up qualifications and deliver a verdict to you guys on whether they actually work. 

Up today- the ol' spoon-eyeliner-trick... yea I'm still as puzzled as you. 

So here's the concept demonstrated courtesy of the selfie above; the idea is to take the handle of your spoon, place it at the corner of your eye and angle upwards and follow the line with your eyeliner. Simple enough hey? No. Now, granted this may be down to the fact that my spoon was not flat and therefore making it very difficult to draw a straight line, however I wasn't convinced. Nevertheless, I continued and with the help of a cotton bud and make-up remover I managed to get a semi-decent line...

Next, instructions tell us to take the spoon as seen in the picture above and place it at the end of the line and this when followed with the eyeliner will (apparently) make the curve down to the base of your lashes. This is the bit I found the most difficult, I don't have enough hands to do this. Ideally, the user of this trick would have 4 hands, one holding the spoon in place, one pulling your eye tight, one drawing the curve with the eyeliner, and one YouTubeing eyeliner tutorials because this does not work. See below; 

Once again, taking the trusty cotton bud I was able to make something half decent from this disaster. However this 'hack' was more trouble than it was worth. Needless to say I wont be trying this one again. I'll probably be sticking to the 'drawing little dashes and joining them up method' from now on. This one gets a thumbs down from me! 

Hope you've enjoyed the post! Let me know if you have any beauty tips and tricks that actually work, I'd love to know!

Nathalie Jane

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  1. I've heard of a few people doing this, and I think I should definitely try it! I'm not sure how well it'll work though. Have you ever tried the tape to get the winged eyeliner? Great post, x !

    Becky, xx // undertheseabeauty.blogspot.com